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About Us

The Brand

GINZA MODE – The quintessential style statement and epitome of luxury garment. Designed to please, styled to fit and made to last. The passionate expression of the European style married to the elaborate minute detail of Japanese traditions and perfection. Enjoy the decadent extravagance of luxury! 愛の人生 Love Life! Non Plus Ultra. Made in Heaven.  

Ginza Mode is an exciting contemporary brand which focuses on high-quality products that fuse modern European outlook and Japanese-inspired graphics, eternal Latin slogans with an Italian style. They are characterised by top quality fabrics, unique detailing, world leading hand-printed graphics and tailored fits with diverse styling. Such distinctiveness has gained the brand exclusive appeal as well as an international celebrity following. GM sells safely and securely to over 30 countries worldwide, operating from our own and well-known international websites. Our products are present in over 40 retail stores in Europe. The GM delivery promise is offering great customer service and a hassle-free returns policy.